Dear Editor:

I like your decision to start talking about the Constitution and public servants oath or affirmation to uphold that document, which is the foundation for all government activity. In your most recent editorial, “All fluff and no muscle,” you highlighted a few issues that are of personal interest to you. We the People, who have been trying to educate our fellow countrymen about the Constitution are well aware that the recent BoCC resolution dealing with Article II of the Bill of Rights, is nothing more than a token, in an attempt to stem the rising tsunami of We the People, who are becoming fed up with the criminal takeover of our nation. I believe it is time for you to seriously consider starting a weekly educational piece on the Constitution. It would complement John Motter’s “Pagosa’s Past” and Shari Pierce’s “Legacies” articles. It would give more legitimacy to your sporadic invocation of the Constitution. The commissioners, sheriff and most public employees are afraid to stand up for We the People’s rights from fear of losing out on federal monies; they think we need to operate our county. Funding our government is a separate discussion. We the People brought a national figure in law enforcement, Richard Mack, to Pagosa Springs and personal invitation was extended to Sheriff Pete Gonzalez and his staff, along with our former police chief and his staff, to attend Richard Mack’s constitutional presentation. The word was put out that no local law enforcement personnel were to attend this constitutional presentation and they did not, to the detriment of us all. Article VI of the U.S. Constitution contains the Supremacy clause; in it all judges are commanded to enforce the Constitution. As of right now, we have no legitimate judges in the country because they have not been elected by We the People. We have no grand jury and we have no common law courts. It is treason to violate your oath to the Constitution and We the People. I can only assume that you and the owners of your paper shy away from real investigative reporting from fear of offending your advertisers. I’ll wager that if you were to do some serious investigations, your subscriptions would increase, because We the People are starving from lack of truth. Open and honest government is necessary for a free nation; anything else is treason.

Greg Giehl

This story was posted on May 9, 2013.