Too big

Dear Editor:

I have mentioned these people before, but felt, after a wonderful fair that I should do it again. Do you know Mongo and Wench? If not, you should. They have brought the fast draw shootists to town, and these names belong to that. They actually have real names, Dave and Shirley Miller, but I like Mongo and Wench better. The last two years have been fun at the fair because we had the Colorado championships here with shooters from all over the place. Men, women and young people. They eat at our restaurants, shop at our stores and use our accommodations overnight. Now Mongo wants to do more. He has a wonderful dream of bringing in the national competition in the future. Wow! Many thanks to Mongo and Wench and all the other competitors who were here.

How about Jason, Shelly and Randy being on the fair board. The young people are very much appreciated. And I love the ranch rodeo, especially with the locals participating.

I would also like to mention Patti Tillerson’s letter regarding the recreation center plans. I thought she was right on.

My first impression is that it is way too big and then I realized that most of the activity would take place inside. Really? A climbing wall? When we have natural climbing walls around us. That doesn’t make sense.

Oh, well, we will see where this goes.

Cindy Gustafson

This story was posted on August 15, 2013.