Time is now

Dear Editor:

The culture of freedom.

We all love our freedom, but too many use that word to make it “OK” to participate in things that are harmful to us both personally and as a community. Just because it is “free” to do or play or read, or see, does that make it OK?

In the name of freedom, our culture has now hit the wall. It is the responsibility of every single one of us to change this destructive culture that now dominates everything in our lives — movies, video games, TV programs, and our personal willingness to let another’s sick mind become someone else’s responsibility. I know it is a tough assignment, but sometimes a loving conversation with a family member can go a long way towards getting this person to counseling before it is too late. Some might say, well, it’s his/her family’s problem — family members are unable to be objective about these things, often in denial, but others can help them see the danger lurking in the dark. In most cases, the family needs counseling as well, and are in no position to address the problem

I urge parents to use their “freedom” to change the kind of entertainment their children participate in — toss away those video games and instead go back to playing board games, e.g., Clue, Monopoly — those games require a degree of finesse (smarts) to win and there is no violence at all and these are great “family” games. No movies that are violent, but rather great movies like “Lincoln” or “The Blind Side” — movies that are uplifting for sure. Our young people do not need to be constantly exposed to violence, even if it is “fiction.” Too much of that and “fiction” becomes “reality.”

And, of course, lastly, only soldiers on battlefields and law enforcement have need for automatic weapons. We probably cannot get rid of all that are out there (we’ve waited too long), but we can make a beginning and, hopefully, over time, there will be a solution for those that are out there. In fact, they are a constant threat to our law enforcement folks who try so hard to protect all of us. The time is now.

Patty Tillerson

This story was posted on March 14, 2013.