Time for change

Dear Editor:

Isn’t it amazing that the major issue concerning PAWSD in the recent past was the Dry Gulch fiasco? This undertaken for the purpose of storing more water due to purported shortages in our supply. Now, just a few short years later, we apparently have an abundance of water, so much, in fact, that we need not concern ourselves with loosing 40 percent of the treated water running through our pipelines. At least, this seems to be the attitude of the incumbent who is again asking for your vote and who has stated that “the 40 percent of the water we lose only costs 1 percent of the water budget” and concludes, therefore, that “it’s not worth doing”. If this is true, isn’t it a little odd that PAWSD does not use this formulation when assessing the cost of leaks in its customer’s private water lines?

Are we to conclude that we really only need 60 percent of the water available and therefore have an abundance? If this is indeed the case, then we must also ask why our water district charges its customers the highest rates in the Four Corners area, reaching an average of 200 percent above the other communities. Yet even this is not enough to satisfy the incumbent. He seems to believe that PAWSD should “share in the prosperity of the community” and supported a 32 percent increase in water rates. He must have been very disappointed to have to settle for a meager 18 percent increase, for which he cast the deciding vote.

It’s time, once again, for a change, folks. Paul Hansen and Gordon McIver will bring some sanity to this board and join with Glenn Walsh and Mike Church, (the only two board members to vote against an increase) in keeping the District healthy while not overburdening the customer with unnecessary and unfair rate increases. They both support a rate freeze for two years.

Hansen and McIver also support a customer vote for any new Revenue Bonds, which is currently a decision left solely to the board. PAWSD current debt stands at approximately 40 million dollars. We need to start chipping away at this debt, not adding to it. A start might be placing a “For Sale” sign on the Dry Gulch property, something both of these candidates support.

I urge all PAWSD customers to vote for Hansen and McIver in this upcoming election. Finally, we have a chance to make some real and desperately needed changes on this board.

Steve Van Horn

This story was posted on March 27, 2014.