Throwing mud

Dear Editor:

Is it just me? Or does anyone else notice Kathie Lattin cannot seem to say anything positive or nice about the Chamber of Commerce.

Hopefully, since the entire former staff has quit, she (Kathie Lattin) will be able to move on. Take her “distrust, hearsay and negative comments” and get on with the job the people of Pagosa Springs have elected her to do.

I was taught many things in my 54 years of life … treat others the way you want to be treated, come from a kind and loving place when you speak, when doing business be able to look everyone in the eye that you have done business with.

I am happy to say after four-plus years of employment with the Pagosa Springs Area Chamber of Commerce (all while the Chamber successfully ran the Visitor Center), I can look every business owner, every local, every visitor, the county commissioners and town council in the eye and know I have never lied, exaggerated a story for my own benefit, keep secrets, dealt underhandedly, nor spoke of any of them in public to discredit them.

Today I am no longer with the Chamber, so here it goes.

Lattin states that a budget was never presented by the Chamber to town or the commissioners.

False. Budgets were presented to the entire town council and David Mitchem throughout the history of the “prior” Chamber staff.

Lattin states that the town took over running the Visitor Center July 1 hopefully.

*Note the town was supposed to take over the Visitor Center May 1, David Mitchem contacted the Chamber and stated the town would not be ready by May 1, could the Chamber continue to run it? Then contacted the Chamber again stating the town would not be ready June 1, could the Chamber continue to run it?

You could blame this delay on the building debacle, but … the truth is the Town of Pagosa Springs and staff just did not understand the daily operations of the Visitor Center. It really would not matter what building they were in.

I resigned my position on June 22 at the time of my resignation the town had still not taken over responsibilities of running the Visitor Center.

Last but not least, the Chamber did not make the decision to discontinue running the day-to-day operations of the Visitor Center lightly. The town council forced this decision by continuing to reduce funding to operate the Visitor Center.

The former staff sent correspondence for over a year asking the town council and Mitchem if we (Chamber staff)could assist in the transition to the Town running the Visitor Center so that it would be “smooth” and not disruptive to not only our businesses but our guests to Pagosa Springs.

I find it ironic that Lattin is unable to give the county commissioners a real plan and budget after throwing mud for years at the Chamber staff.

In closing I want to make it very clear. I speak for myself only, not the current or the former Chamber of Commerce employees.

Stacy Kirby

This story was posted on August 21, 2014.