This place

Dear Editor:

This place … what makes us different? … in many ways … all of them good … love of nature, tolerance, support, encouragement, praise, help, respect … where can one go to find so much kindness the such as we have here in this place?

Families find happiness in the smallest things, because there is so much love in this place. Well, I could just go on and on … I am so very proud of our young folks and the kindness they extend to “us older folks” — they make our hearts sing as we learn of their accomplishments and observe their kind ways.

All of these things were so well displayed at the 2014 Pagosa Springs High School Graduation. Seeing the graduates enter, arm-in-arm with dear classmates, loving smiles on their faces and a gym packed to the brim with all ages from babes in arms to the elderly — all there to support the celebration of our young people. So impressive, it made me cry.

I know for some, it is a struggle to live here — not many “high-paying” jobs, but the quality of life, the values instilled and supported, perhaps make the trade-off worth it all. Yes, we don’t have “everything” that larger places have, but this is such a great place to “grow up.”

Special thanks to our teachers and congratulations to our graduates and their families.

Patty Tillerson

This story was posted on June 12, 2014.