Thingamajig to present ‘The Night Cap Club’ for one weekend only

By Audrey Crocker
Special to The PREVIEW

Thingamajig Theatre Company is always excited to explore new works and bring different and unusual theater to Pagosa. This Thanksgiving weekend is no different.

Under the leadership of Ryan Hazelbaker, a new piece has been developed that takes a magnifying glass to the life of the one and only Judy Garland, who played Dorothy Gale.

“The Night Cap Club” is an original cabaret that features Thingamjig favorites on stage and within the production staff. Hazelbaker not only directs and choreographs the show beautifully, but was also the mastermind behind the script, presenting this type of an original work to Pagosa for the first time.

The story looks at what fame does to even the most well-known stars. Garland takes a walk down memory lane with some of her greatest friends, including Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra, and is reminded of what’s good in her life. She also encounters a young and similar heart in Rosemary Clooney and suddenly sees what her life looks like from the outside.

“The Night Cap Club,” while filled with beloved tunes that audiences are sure to know, is also a bit of a revelation for those unfamiliar with the darker side of Garland’s life. In typical Thingamajig fashion, the script not only brings the familiar and beautiful to light, it also examines the depths of heartache and loss.

With the focus of the season one of giving thanks, this is a poignant and well-timed story of hope. Garland finds herself smack in the middle of what could be the worst event of her life and she has the opportunity to choose to rise above.

Will she find ways to give thanks for what she’s got? The audience will take the journey with a beloved character and find that, behind all of the fame, she’s a person just like us, searching for joy and peace and, ultimately, something to give thanks for.

“The Night Cap Club” runs one weekend only, Nov. 27-29, with performances at 7 p.m. and 2 p.m. Visit or call 731-SHOW (7469) for tickets or information.

This story was posted on November 26, 2015.