Thingamajig Theatre Company’s Tim Moore setting off on cross-country casting trip

Photo courtesy Carole Howard
Tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 10, Thingamajig Theatre Company’s Tim Moore will set off on a rigorous month-long travel itinerary that will take him to tried-and-true audition venues as well as some new ones in his search for the best performers for the four Broadway hits that will make up the summer 2020 musical season.

By Carole Howard
Special to The PREVIEW
The phenomenal success of Thingamajig Theatre Company at the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts since its opening in April 2011 has depended on many factors, not the least of which is the genius of its co-founders, the husband and wife team of Tim Moore, producing artistic director, and Laura Moore, executive director.
They have an uncanny ability to consistently produce intelligent, entertaining and timely shows with humor, heartache, great storytelling and extraordinary music. But if you ask Tim Moore how to produce a good show, he will say simply, “We need nothing more than great actors telling a story the best way they can.”
So, how does Tim Moore find and identify talented actors to come to Pagosa Springs to perform for local audiences and out-of-town visitors?
For starters, he has a unique ability to quickly size up not only an individual actor’s skills in the areas of acting, singing and dancing, but also to assess how each one will fit into the various roles in the upcoming season and meld into a cohesive theatrical team, recognizing that each actor plays parts in four different shows.
Summer 2020 musicals
A look at this summer’s musicals and Tim Moore’s travel schedule over the next month explains how he builds a successful season and then carefully casts the actors, singers, dancers and designers who bring it to life.
He will be casting the four Broadway hits that will make up the summer 2020 musical season: “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” is a Tony award-winning Victorian melodrama. “Bright Star” is a drama featuring country bluegrass music composed by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell. “Wizard of Oz” is an adaption by Andrew Lloyd Webber of the classic film. “Godspell,” based on the Gospel of Matthew, was nominated for a Tony for best original score.
Tomorrow, he is setting off on a rigorous travel itinerary from Jan. 10 through Feb. 11 that will take him to tried-and-true audition venues as well as some new ones in his search for the best possible performers for these shows.
Moore’s casting venues
As the theater capital of the USA, New York City provides a wealth of recruiting opportunities for Thingamajig. As always, Tim Moore has set up multiple private auditions. He also will audition for the first time at the A1 Conference and at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Manhattan, as well as at Wagner College on Long Island.
Among Thingamajig’s distinguished New York City alumni are Dennis Elkins, Melissa Firlit, Craig Dolezel, Philip Eng, Kenny Tran, Robert Rice, David Dines, Rachael Valencich, Bear Manescalchi, Melissa Melendez, Serita Amani Nash, Sheldon Steele III, Shugah Henry, Halley Daigle, Aaron Catano, Bailey Claffey, April Lillard, Daniela Delahuerta, Marcus Rocio, Kat Macari, Justin Hofstand, Adam Sowards, Charlie Tingen, Sheldon Steele, Corinne Holland, Corey Price, Jocelyn Lonquist, Helen Regula, Hannah Zilber, Alex Johnson, Abbey Kane, Ian Lah, Audrey Crocker and Robert Lee Poole III.
Another stop will be the Unified Performing Theatre Auditions in Memphis, Tenn. Known as UPTAs, this venue has been a guaranteed source of impressive talent for Thingamajig over the years because every February it brings theater, cruise ship and other artistic recruiters together over four days with close to a thousand professional performers looking for creative work.
NSU provides unique talent
Moore also will travel to Northwestern State University of Louisiana (NSU), perhaps the least known and yet best source of huge talent for Thingamajig.
Over the years, 16 brilliant and highly popular NSU actors, directors and choreographers have graced Thingamajig’s stage: Ryan Hazelbaker, Taylor Marrs, Alisha Munds, Marion Bienvenu, Pia Wyatt, Tyler Price Robinson, Samantha Rohr, Asher Van Meter, Emily Ricalde, Trevor Brown, Rayshaughn Armant, Rosa Campbell, Jessi Miller, Jesse McFarland, Cassidy Giddens and Andrew Lewis.
“I’ve been thoroughly impressed with how professional the NSU students, graduates and teachers are,” Tim Moore said. “They are serious, prepared and tireless in their execution of performance art — certainly some of the most passionate, well-trained artists in today’s market.”
Actors enjoy working in Pagosa
“We’ve grown from very humble beginnings almost 10 years ago to become an invaluable live theater company in this region with a growing national reputation and a supportive patron base that is second to none,” Tim Moore said. “The word is out among the auditioning actors that Thingamajig is a great place to work because of the professional environment and the warm welcome they receive from the Friends of the Theatre and other patrons and supporters of Thingamajig.
“Living in the new actors house also is a huge plus, given that it was built especially for them. And Pagosa’s spectacular setting and scenery are big selling points as well.”
Added Laura Moore: “Even in our wildest dreams we didn’t imagine how quickly this amazing community would jump on board with their support and loyalty. It can only get better as we approach our 10th anniversary.”
Thingamajig is an award-winning professional nonprofit 501(c)(3) theater in residence within the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts. Its talented actors, directors and designers come from across the U.S. and around the world to perform and produce musicals, comedies and dramas year-round.

This story was posted on January 12, 2020.