Dear Editor:

My boyfriend and I live in this incredible community in the winter, while working for Wolf Creek Ski Area. We have had nothing but great experiences in the last two winters and look forward to making this town our full time residence. One of the main reasons for our decision to live here is the San Juan River, as we are avid kayakers.

Unfortunately, our kayaking season was cut short on the night of April 2nd, when someone stole our two boats and all our gear from our back porch in downtown. Aside from the financial loss associated with the stolen gear, we are devastated about not being able to enjoy one of our favorite pastimes with our friends.

We have distributed fliers, created webpages and contacted everyone we know in the boating community in hopes that our gear will show up on a river somewhere this summer. Being the community that we are, we are hoping for all the help we can get. Please take a look at the fliers that are posted at local businesses in town. Please pass on the information you read.

We are hoping, that if the boats and gear are still anywhere close, that through word of mouth and someone’s keen eye they might return in time for some valued water fun.

A police report was filed, however, should the gear return in full, we are not looking for any legal retribution towards the culprit. It is not punishment or monetary gain we are after, simply someone to do the right thing and return the gear we have worked for years to attain.

Thank you all for taking the time to read and thank you in advance for your help!.

Lena Lander

This story was posted on April 18, 2013.