The way we were

Dear Editor:

Ahh, the “way we were” when honesty and integrity were our most valued “assets”. Times were good. Recycling? that’s not new. It was part of our daily culture for generations before and continuing throughout the WWII era. All laundry soap, dish soap and other cleansers” (‘Old Dutch, e.g.) were in powder form and sold in cardboard boxes that could be thrown away and burned in the trash barrel in the alley. Bath soap came in bars. e.g., Ivory Soap, which I continue to use today. All soft drinks were sold in glass bottles which were returned to the grocery store for credit, then returned to the factories to be sterilized and re-filled — no aluminum cans, no plastic bottles, only glass that was used over and over again.

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This story was posted on May 21, 2020.