The vision

Dear Editor:

Do the Archuleta County Housing Authority board of directors and Commissioner Lucero have dementia? We fired Housing Solutions of the Southwest as the manager of our housing authority after three years of red-flagged audits and upon recommendation from our then finance director, Dianne Sorenson. It was never to save the county money, or make money for the county for that matter.

During the 30-plus years that Housing Solutions managed Casa de los Arcos, the property has deteriorated to the point it has become a burden on the county. This happened because our county never took on any oversight of the housing authority. Housing Authority boards would whittle away time at meetings, not really understanding who should be held accountable. Meanwhile, the county and Housing Solutions continued to let the property deteriorate and operate with a deficit.

No matter who takes over management of Casa de los Arcos, the fact remains we have a very ineffective Housing Authority with no money or support by the commissioners. This is a sad fact for our community with Wal-Mart looming on the horizon and as businesses continue to struggle to maintain a decent workforce.

We fired Housing Solutions of the Southwest to save our Housing Authority and to someday strengthen it so that it may help our local workforce and homeless population.

For our community’s sake, please have a thoughtful vetting process for the task of managing our community’s housing assets. Come on, leaders, don’t lose sight of the vision.

Julie Simmons

This story was posted on May 23, 2013.