The cost

Dear Editor:

The Second Amendment may entitle a person to own firearms, but that doesn’t provide protection, bodily or otherwise, if or when they are used.

A few days ago I read that the New England Journal of Medicine recently reported that where there is a gun in a home, the chance of a homicide occurring increases by more than 40 percent. Homeowners insurance may cover the liability of a death or injury incurred in certain occurrences depending on the policy and whether it was a matter of self-defense, criminal intent or accident. Insurance companies are very interested in the number and types of guns in the home when determining the risk and setting a policy’s premium. Failure to disclose even the presence of a gun, whether or not it is the homeowner’s, may allow an insurer to deny claims even if the policy were the type that would have covered guns in the home.

It might be wise for gun owners to read their insurance policies, find out what it costs to have a gun in the house and decide whether it’s worth it to exert our constitutional right.

Henry Buslepp

This story was posted on March 21, 2013.