The cell phone tower light

By Lanell Stuart
Special to The SUN

God is a Beacon: always patiently waiting on us to come to Him.

We can find peace only He can give.

I was reminded of that traveling down the state highway FM 146, toward Bolivar peninsula, on the way to Galveston. I could see in the distance a blinking light of a cell phone tower. It flashed as if to say, “Here … I  … am … waitin …. for … you to hear me. I… am … waiting … for… you to hear me.” Flashing on and off, on and off.

Are we listening for God as much as He is listening for us? Do we hear God as a voice crying in the wilderness?  May we hear his voice from the pages of the Bible, “The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness ‘Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.’’ (Isaiah 40:3 KJV)

Our world is being inundated with the electronic world of cell phones and computers. God may have allowed us to discover these things to make his knowledge more available to us. We can search his word through these devices. We can make Him more accessible through these things to learn more about Him in order to improve our Christian lives. We can show others where to find Christ through these devices.

We can share the light of knowledge of His word through the Internet, and share applications we find there.  There are numerous books and tools we can find on electronic readers. We can share the books we find there in order to spread the light of Christ for those who don’t know him.

For those who do know Christ, we can know God better and grow in our Christian faith. We can feel the presence of God while reading books and they become alive as we read them through electronic readers.

In this day and age cell phones are popular. They are becoming more and more useful. There are also more and more cell towers being built along desolate places, and in cities everywhere.

God is vigilantly seeking where He may find us. Do we search for Him in the way He searches for us? Are we as diligent when it comes to searching for truth, honor and obedience to God’s will? Do we seek the light of His Word as much as He wants us to find that light? Do we recognize God’s call to do His will, as clear as the ring tone of the phone we listen for daily?

Even as we may see the stars at night, we should be able to recognize God placed them there. We can also see God’s call on our lives through the light of the beacon of the cell phone tower.

May we not let the cell phone tower beacon let us down. Just as clearly as we see the cell phone tower’s blinking light at night or day, may we be able to answer the call to tell someone how to get in touch with God. “How then shall they believe in him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher?” (Romans10:14b KJV)

This story was posted on November 14, 2012.