Thanks Weiler

Dear Editor:

Stepping up, and standing out when a lot of other people sat back.

I greatly admire people who are willing to be the change they want to see. They have a vision, like others, but differently they’re not willing to complain and bemoan from the sidelines. They stick their own neck out and lead the charge.

This takes great courage, and vulnerability.

A perfect example of this is the recent mayoral election, and candidate Mark Weiler. This is my open letter of thanks to him for being one of those people.

Thank you, Mark, for taking a risk and stepping up, and standing out when a lot of other people sat back. Thank you for knowing your own strengths and ability and for your willingness to use those for this town. Thank you for giving the town a choice, a good choice, and for raising the issues that concern all its residents; the fans and investors of this lovely place.

Thank you for your vision for the future of Pagosa and for wanting to make a difference. Thank you for believing that we have greatness and potential that is almost scary-good.

The outcome of this election doesn’t change the significance of your heart for this community, or your dreams for Pagosa Springs, or the impact that your generosity of time, of money, of spirit, of experience and of skill has made.

I congratulate all the elected officials for sticking out their own necks, but that notwithstanding, I believe Mark that you would have made an outstanding leader of this community.

Kirsten Le Roux

This story was posted on April 17, 2014.