Thanks, LPEA

Dear Editor:

On March 7th, 2014, at 5:25 PM, (Friday evening) we lost power to our house, but at that moment we didn’t know what had happened. There was a loud noise that my mother heard, and she waited for a half hour to call me, since I was in town. I told her to call La Plata Electric and I was on my way home. Well, La Plata was there when I got there, reviewing the situation and shutting down the electricity to the pole. In looking over the situation when I got there, it at first seemed that the pole fell from presumed rotten wood, but upon closer investigation, I noticed the wood definitely wasn’t rotten, and there were black front right auto body parts scattered all over, and the guy wire stake was bent backwards, so they called the police. Apparently some idiot in what appears to be a truck, (according to the police who were called and identified the make of vehicle from a part number, and are looking for this vehicle …) was racing up Stollsteimer Rd in Aspen Springs, and barely missed the telephone pole, but took out the guy wire to the pole, which snapped the solid pole off at ground level. Fortunately, this was at the end of the line for power, and the pole fell away from my garage and into the yard, presumably because of the wires stretching and then recoiling the pole back. I had an internet conference call that night, which, of course, didn’t happen, and I figured that the electricity to only (I believe) two homes wasn’t going to rate real high in repair scheduling, and was expecting it Monday, two days later. They left and I said, well, that’s it for 2 days, but was I in for a surprise. Within 20-30 minutes, 4 La Plata guys … Jurgen Montgomery, Jeremy Matney, Steve Lynch, and Jerry Wills, showed up with 4 trucks, and proceeded to completely dismantle the old wiring, remove the old pole in the ground, replaced it with another pole and guy wire, reset the new transformer and hooked up the wiring, and I’m sure more that I wasn’t noticing. By 11 PM, we had our power back on. Now, I don’t know if these guys were just hoping for something to do on a Friday night and were elated that this happened, or that this is normal policy for La Plata Electric (our electric coop), but I was out there pretty much the entire time, and I didn’t hear one complaint. However, I did see these 4 guys working like parts of a machine … each contributing to the entire process until it was completed. Needless to say, we were amazed, and very pleased that La Plata would make this happen so quickly, and we want to commend these guys, as well as La Plata Electric. Thanks, guys, and gals, who helped in making this happen.

Jeff Maehr

This story was posted on March 13, 2014.