Dear Editor:

October 30, I was driving home down U.S. 84 when I barely slid on a section of black ice. I carelessly overcorrected. I launched my vehicle off the road and rolled 138 feet. Somehow the truck rolled over me. I could feel my organs and diaphragm crushed and shoved up into my left lung, so I could barely breath. I knew my back was broken; I knew I was going to die. As I struggled for every breath, little did I know this would be the most important night of my life. By God’s grace, not only did I make it to Mercy Hospital in Durango, but the weather cleared just in time for me to be life-flighted to St. Anthony’s in Denver. As I remained unconscious, hundreds of you were already praying. God, in his mercy, immediately led just the right trauma nurses, surgeons and specialists to be in place for every surgery and procedure I needed. Everyone involved saw God’s hand in my life being spared. They knew without a doubt that God was not through with me yet; He had bigger plans for my life.

As doctors continued to work on my body, God worked on my strong will to live. My beautiful wife and amazing son reminded me that I was not ready to go. Every single one of you must have also had this thought, as you prayed for me like crazy. There is not a doubt in my mind that without your prayers and support, and the many miracles of God, I would not have made it through. Now, I will require a few more surgeries and many months, possibly years of recovery; but not only has this shown me how much we take for granted in life, it has also already brought out the very best in my friends and family. And for that, I will always be grateful. To everyone who reads this, live life to the fullest and take nothing for granted. Every step you take, and every breath you breathe, be thankful. I thought I had life all figured out. Now I know this was only the beginning. I cannot express how much I love and appreciate each one of you, and how thankful I am to have this opportunity to point out God’s amazing love and grace. Whether it be wheels or walking, I know I will follow Him and live life so differently the rest of my days. Please let my experience be a wakeup call to all of you as well. If my pain and hardship can cause you to live life to the fullest without your having to go through the suffering, then I count it all worthwhile. Please continue your prayers for me as I fight day in and day out … and please realize life is too good and too short to take even one more day for granted.

Keagan Smith

This story was posted on November 14, 2013.