Term limits

Dear Editor:

I read Senator Roberts’ (No relation) Report last Thursday. I was most interested in her opinion that the concept of “Term Limits” wastes the experience and knowledge of a member that reaches this time and must step down, or move on. The remedy? The departing politician puts aside pride and teaches, mentors, or briefs the newcomer so the knowledge is not lost. Unfortunately, a great many outgoing politicians refuse to do this, stating that no one helped them in this, why should they.

We must remember why term limits were initiated in the first place. A few people in these positions are good and always keep their constituents in mind. They listen to them, instead of their own personal, or special interest’s, goals. The rest, on varying levels, grow arrogant, feeling they know what’s best for those that put them in office, and instead insert their own viewpoint, or personal interests. They get entrenched in how they do things, feeling that they can’t be touched. Many times they get so corrupted by special interests that they hurt, rather than help.

This even happens at the lowest levels of government, as we’ve seen in the Aspen Springs Metro District. It seems that the old adage that “idle hands are the devil’s playground” continues to ring true. The District was created for the maintenance of the roads and bridges of the community. Nothing else. If you’ve ever been to one of our board meetings you will immediately note that if that was all they did, it would be over, most of the times, in twenty minutes. Boredom takes over and they feel they need to expand what they do. The present Board has over the last few years, since they haven’t had to be elected, gotten to the point where they feel they can’t be touched and have put into effect policies that are way past their primary mission, instead serving themselves, instead of the land owners/residents of the six units that make up our community. Also, like many higher-level politicians, they have adopted hidden agendas that serve only them.

What has happened to a government of the people, by the people, for the people? When did We The People allow those who believe that the government is only for them, and no others, take over? When will we wake up and take ourselves back to the principle that President Abraham Lincoln talked about in his Gettysburg Address?

Doug Roberts

This story was posted on March 13, 2014.