Take time to vote

Dear Editor:

Last Saturday, we received our LPEA District 1 Ballot. Check one box, insert ballot with secrecy sleeve into a no postage necessary envelope, sign envelope and mail. How easy is that. Yet, many do not vote. Take a few minutes to vote. Electricity is an important service that requires strong leadership.

I encourage all to vote for Ken Fox. Ken has demonstrated strong leadership on LPEA’s Board of Directors. He deserves a second term.

I know Ken Fox, his family, his work ethic, his honesty and integrity. I served with Ken on Pagosa Bible Church (PBC) Board of Directors for ten years. Ken never came to a board meeting unprepared. He demonstrated his leadership with strength coupled with humility.

Ken has served the Pagosa community in several areas, such as county commissioner, airport, school board, PBC Board of Directors and LPEA Board of Directors. In all capacities, he has served well, as he did serving our country with his military career.

Let’s continue with strong leadership and vote Ken Fox.

Virgil Tinklenberg

This story was posted on May 8, 2014.