Take over

Dear Editor:

The editor of The Pagosa SUN suggested the old geezers retire. This suggestion has merit as the geezers have messed up virtually everything. Getting rid of the geezers begs the question, who will take over? As I scanned a recent Sandia Lab newspaper, I got a hint from a couple of photographs; one was of Marilyn Hewson, president and CEO of Lockheed Martin and the other of Gen. Janet Wolfenbarger, commander of Air Force Material Command. Elizabeth Eaton was elected the first female presiding Lutheran bishop by an overwhelming majority. In Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren was elected over the incumbent senator Scott Warren.

Much to the dismay of the old geezers, the ladies are taking over. The presidency of the USA is Hillary’s, should she so desire. I suggest the geezers clean up their language and quit using a couple of obscure passages in the Bible to deny the ladies health care.

I believe Americans, including we geezers, are very fortunate in having the ladies assume an ever-increasing role in both local and national affairs. I believe that one of the main reasons the Muslim countries are so primitive and bellicose is their policy of repressing and degrading women. There are far too many old geezers in America who ape the behavior of the Arab Mullahs.

This letter was submitted by the only male KP at the Arboles Senior Lunches.

Bob Dungan


This story was posted on September 5, 2013.