Dear Editor:

Babies, babies, babies … or the lack of them. Demographics can make, maintain or destroy civilizations. Babies are necessary for all activities, industry, war and just plain survival. We’ll defer discussing the co-force of geography for another day.

China has a very real survival problem as a world power. A strange but true dilemma — they’re running out of babies. The current leadership just changed their one child policy to two. To correct this government mandated control will take 20-30 years. Right now they are running out of workers to maintain GDP, newly affluent couples are choosing their lives over more children, existing city workers are flowing to the highest bidders and they have about 30 million more young men than young ladies (female child infanticide).

Once civilizations settle into cities, they lose their war edge unless they continue to expand. China is clearly a student of history. Their territorial problem is, how does one absorb their customers?

Throughout all known history, the one absolute war trigger for the Chinese has been the infringement of “their” domain. Territory has a cultural and historical memory that exceeds current maps. China has for several years been “pushing-the-territorial-brolly.” Russia, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Korea, India and Tibet have all felt the push. To forget history is to repeat the past mistakes.

The unparalleled global growth of human aspirations and communication produces a direct conflict between national growth/survival vs. habitat and human co-dependency and integration. “For the first time, we live in a world in which the problems of human survival have begun to overshadow more traditional international conflicts,” Z. Brzezinski.

Which would you choose?

Dave Blake

This story was posted on December 12, 2013.

One Response to Survival

  1. reality

    December 13, 2013 at 6:59 pm

    “Pushing the territorial brolly”? C’,mon bro. Boil it down to the fact that we have created a society that does not feel it is safe or nice enough to raise children. It does not take a genius to figure out you need off-spring for humans to continue. Save for baby mamas and their welfare checks no one in their right mind would have a large family right now. We don’t need WWIII to wipe us out we are doing it to ourselves.