Dear Editor:

What a surprise to see our smiling faces on the cover of the Preview section  and then again to see the intentional omission of the word “vagina.” How interesting that the anatomically correct word would be deemed unsuitable for public print. Of course, this only provides a glaring example of the discomfort and shame that have become directly associated with the female body and sexuality and underscores the importance of works like “The Vagina Monologues” that provide social commentary regarding such attitudes. It is an anatomical body part that likely over half of your readers possess.

We would like to thank Laura and Tim Moore for bringing this beautiful and poignant theatrical production to the stage in our small rural town and for being part of the movement to break through such taboos that continue to hold women in a place of stigma.

We appreciate all of The SUN’s support and publicity around this event. Of course, we would not be the women we are, if we did not take this opportunity to further comment on how our society has made the vagina — the place where we originated — a taboo and “the body part that shall not be named.”

The Vagina Ladies

Mara Koch, Paula Jo Miller, Dale Johnson, Jennie Blechman, Sariah Ellsmore, Darcy DeGuise, and Sharina Ramsay-Adams

Editor’s note: Now that the show has closed and you have some time, perhaps one of the group will read the Jan. 31, Feb. 7 and Feb. 14 PREVIEWS.

The Jan. 31 PREVIEW features “The Vagina Monologues” in a prominent headline and in the article five times. 

On Feb. 7, “The Vagina Monolgues” appears on the cover, in a headline, and in the article nine times.

“The Vagina Monologues” dominates the headline on an article in the Feb. 7 PREVIEW and appears in the article four times.

Armed with the knowledge “The Vagina Monologues” was suitable for “public print” in all these instances, you might feel a measure of relief.

This story was posted on February 21, 2013.