Support Spencer

Dear Editor:

We regretfully had to leave Archuleta County for work about two years ago after living there for over 13 years. So we continue to keep up with current events. And thus this perspective on the commissioners’ race. We know one of the candidates for county commissioner very well and believe there is a better choice.

I had the opportunity to visit with Dennis Spencer this past week and wanted to share our conversation. Dennis is very committed to the county’s needs and does not have any underlying self-serving goals. He really does own his own business and really does understand how to run one. He believes that people and neighbors should be able to use their property as they desire (within reasonable limits that are conducive with surrounding development of course) and not be harassed simply because they are different and just wish to be left alone.

Dennis understands that to be a good neighbor bears the cooperative responsibility for good livestock management and not taking advantage of the fencing laws that infringe on his neighbors. Knowing how one individually takes care of their own property, especially when it affects neighbors, businesses, tax-payers and visitors is exemplary of how they will serve the county’s needs. I am comfortable that Dennis really believes this. But I encourage you to go visit these candidates. See how they take care of their property and sit and visit with them and really get to know them. Understand where they really are coming from. Archuleta County needs a reputable commissioner and not one who bends the rules or stretches the truth for his own in benefit. (Committee to elect Ray Latin Commissioner) — Really?

Find out who the true servant is to administer the county’s needs. I get the definite impression that Dennis is a very stable and responsible individual and is that true servant for the county.

Steve Walston

This story was posted on June 19, 2014.