Support Lynch

Dear Editor:

I am supporting Bob Lynch, candidate for LPEA Board of Directors.

I have known Bob for a number of years and have been fortunate to work with him and observe his leadership abilities. There have been numerous letters of support endorsing Bob’s candidacy that enumerate his many qualifications for the LPEA board. Among the talents that Bob possesses are two that I would like to highlight. First is Bob’s ability to listen to others and second is his skill in problem solving and forming a consensus.

Being a good listener is an acquired ability especially when it comes to listening to others who hold opinions that may differ from yours. Bob has demonstrated he is receptive to and respectful of the opinions of others — a vital skill in group decision making and an example of excellence in leadership.

Bob is methodical and persistent when gathering information to make informed decisions. He has an uncanny ability to find common ground and forge a group consensus when solving problems or crafting policy. This attribute will prove valuable as we cope with the forthcoming challenges in electric energy generation, transmission and consumption.

I believe Bob’s proven leadership and problem solving skills will serve us well on the LPEA board. I urge you to join me and vote for Bob Lynch when you receive your mail-in ballot from LPEA in the next few days.

Bob Clinkenbeard

This story was posted on April 17, 2014.