Sunday Night Unplugged a musical feast for meditation

By Sally Neel
Special to The PREVIEW
The public is invited to enjoy a beautiful and unusual tapestry of music provided by Paul Roberts and Jessica Peterson at Sunday Night Unplugged at 5 p.m. this Sunday evening, Jan. 14, at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, located at 225 S Pagosa Blvd.
Peterson and Roberts will enchant us with Celtic and Renaissance music, some of which was recently performed in concert at the Pagosa Lakes Clubhouse. If you missed that wonderful concert, you will have another opportunity to enjoy the enchanting sounds of this melodic and ethereal music played on a variety of period instruments.
When Peterson and Roberts pair up with their musical skills and knowledge of early music, we can be assured the result will be sublime. Peterson is not only a talented artist on the flute, but she is also a flute maker.
Peterson is also skilled at playing a small clay flute known as the ocarina. The instrument’s history goes back to ancient cultures in Asia, Africa and the Americas. Oddly, Europe was without ocarinas until the late Renaissance, when Aztec musicians played the small, toy-like instruments in the royal courts. Three centuries later, a young Italian brick-maker changed the ocarina to give it greater range and accurate pitch. After another hundred years, an Englishman developed a full-octave ocarina with only four finger holes.
Peterson will play this sweet-sounding English style of ocarina. In the tradition of ancient ocarinas, hers is shaped as a bird.
Roberts is well known in the community for his large collection of a variety of stringed instruments and drums. His skill on each of these instruments is truly amazing and a delight to hear. The music featured at Sunday Night Unplugged will feature the citern, cello banjo, five-stringed banjo, guitar and drum.
Sunday Night Uplugged is just what its name suggests, a time to listen to beautiful music, a time to meditate and a time to reconcile our own spirits with the world surrounding us.
“The evening will present a unique combination of two very fine talents in our community. I strongly urge all of our guests to make a special effort to come this Sunday evening and enjoy this musical feast,” said Fr. Doug Neel, rector of St. Patrick’s.

This story was posted on January 11, 2018.