ROUND PEN OR ARENA getting hard and dusty? Try mixing Sawdust Mulch into the soil. Available in Bulk by Paul Hansen (The Mulch Guy) (970)946-0653.

PINE SHAVINGS DELIVERED in bulk. Clean, dry, no dust, sifts great. Dump truck load, $300. V/MC. (970)264-7463, cell (816)519-6921.

HAY FOR SALE. (970)264-1018.

HORSE TACK FOR SALE. 4 Colorado Saddlery and 1 Australian long distance saddle. Different sizes, different prices, 14” and 12”, $400-$700. (502)314-5467.

HORSE BOARDING AVAILABLE, UP to 2 horses. Stall and running stream through 10 acre fenced pasture. $160 per month. (970)883-2600.

HORSE/ PET SITTING SO you can get away. Call (970)317-3665.

GREAT GRASS HAY. Small bales, $7 per bale. Barn stored (970)264-5266 or (970)946-5265.

COW HAY. $2 A bale, in the field. $3 stacked. (970)946-4067, (970)946-0019.