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WINTER HORSE PASTURE. 160 acres 12 miles west of South Fork. Supervised, alfalfa grass pasture, heated water. $60/ head per month, November through mid-May. Also 750 lb. alfalfa grass bales, $50 each. (719)657-0942.

SMALL FARM HAS YEAR-ROUND or winter boarding available for 2 horses. Stall and pasture available. Personalized care for older horses. $300 a month. Susan, 731-9333.

HAY, FIRST CUTTING. Approximately 70 lbs., 200 bales., $5/ bale, minimum 20. (970)403-9964.

AG SERVICES: HAY LOADING- unloading, field pick up, ditch cleaning, box blade and front-end loader work. RWH Bale Handling Service. Ron, (970)264-5573.

FOR SALE: GRASS ALFALFA HAY. Barn stored, no rain. Delivery available. $7 per bale. (970)764-5999.

HORSE PASTURE FOR RENT. Uncut hay pasture in the Allison area. Please call for information or send email to jdfahrion@gmail.com. $60 a month, (970)553-0148.

4 HORSE GOOSENECK TRAILER with living quarters. $9,500. In good condition. Call Ken at 264-6262 for details.