Too Late To Classify

SNICKERS: I’m Snickers. My owner passed away and I’m used to a quiet adult home without dogs. Need a loving companion? I’m just 3 years old. Adopt from the Humane Society 731-4771.

JAMESON: I’m Jameson, a 6-month-old Shepherd fellow that is very sweet and friendly. I get along with other dogs and would love to join your pack! Adopt from the Humane Society 731-4771.

PAWS: I’m Paws, and I was Snicker’s roommate. I’m a 2-year-old boy who would love a nice home of my own. Can you take us both? If not, we can go separately. Adopt from the Humane Society 731-4771.

DELICIOUS  FOOD SATURDAY & SUNDAY, 11a.m. to 7p.m. Burgers, Reuben’s, steak and Bit o’Texas BBQ at Iron Dram parking lot. Call (619)277-0193. Jersey Lily’s cooking!

MARCH MADNESS SALE, MARCH 16-28. Shoes- BOGO Sale Buy One Get One Free. Sweaters- $2. Methodist Thrift Store.

SIMPLY CLEAN- EFFICIENT AND THOROUGH! Housecleaning services. Call Erin to schedule a cleaning. (949)566-3906.

ARCHULETA COUNTY FAIR is seeking bids for photography, sound technician and porta potty rentals. Dates July 30th- August 2nd. Call (970)264-5931 for more details or visit