NOTICE CONCERNING PROPOSED BUDGET OF PAGOSA AREA WATER AND SANITATION DISTRICT. NOTICE is hereby given to all interested parties that a proposed budget has been submitted to the Board of Directors of the Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District for the ensuing year of 2020; that a copy of the 2020 Budget has been filed in the office of the District at 100 Lyn Avenue, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, where the same is open for public inspection; and on the District’s website, www. and that such proposed 2020 Budget will be considered at a Public Hearing of the Board of Directors of the District to be held at 100 Lyn Avenue, Pagosa Springs, Colorado on Thursday, October 24, 2019, at 5:20p.m. Any elector within the District may, at any time prior to the final adoption of the 2020 Budget, inspect the budget and file or register any objections thereto. PAGOSA AREA WATER AND SANITATION DISTRICT. By /s/ Jim Smith, President, Board of Directors.

A.A. PAGOSA SPRINGS GROUP. 315 N. 2nd St./CR 200- Snowball Rd. Sunday 10a.m. (OD); Monday noon (OD), 5:30p.m. (C-BB); Tuesday noon (OD), 5:30p.m. (CM); Wednesday 7:30a.m. (OD), noon (OD), 5:30p.m. (OD); Thursday noon (OD), 5:30p.m. (ON); Friday noon (OD), 5:30p.m. (OD); Saturday 7:30a.m. (OD), 5:30p.m. (OD). (Last Friday of the month 6p.m. potluck, 7p.m. birthday speaker meeting.) Questions, contact (970)245-9649, or, or call Ed K. 946-2606 or Val V. 946-6086 or Ellen C. (214)566-5921.

TRADITIONAL ALANON GROUP: Traditional AlAnon Group meets Mondays, 6p.m., Pagosa Bible Church, 209 Harman Park Dr. (325)669-9715.

AL-ANON meets every Tuesday at 6 p.m. at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church in the Parish Hall.

JERSEYLILYSFOOD.COM, Steak, burgers, sliders, gourmet dogs, salads and desserts at Iron Dram Wednesday and Friday, 6-11p.m., Saturday and Sunday, 4-11p.m.

STEAK NIGHT WEDNESDAY 6-10p.m., at Iron Dram. 12 oz. ribeye, potato, salad, roll and dessert, $24, half $12. Jersey Lily’s cooking!

PAINT WITH ALCOHOL INK, relax by the river, sip wine and paint your glass, wine and materials $35, 4-5p.m. Sundays. Must register Iron Dram or (619)277-0193.

NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS MEETS WEDNESDAYS, 7p.m. at 315 N. 2nd St./ CR 200, Snowball Rd. For information contact Woody (970)582-0065 or Carl (970)903-2346.

A.A. PRINCIPLES BEFORE PERSONALITIES GROUP meets at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, 225 S. Pagosa Blvd. Tuesday 7p.m. Big Book Study (closed); Thursday 7p.m. Discussion (open); Questions (970)245-9649, or; Ken or Charlotte (970)903-9690.