Dear Editor:

The vote proves that kids are made absolutely stupid by the overpaid school systems. Kids are taught that they don’t need to work for a living. They don’t have to do anything risky or that takes any sort of exertion whatsoever, that everything should be free, that they’re owed everything for nothing, and to develop a deep loathing for their own country; thus, the re-election of the worst president in history; the only one who has truly hated everything about America.

They’re also taught that a broom pusher should be paid as much as a CEO and a CEO should be paid as little as a broom pusher even though the CEO started out pushing a broom. This is exactly how Obummer thinks, but won’t air.

Two thirds of people’s property tax goes for turning kids into idiots and the school systems think they deserve even more money. What kind of child abuse is going on here?

The Democrats teach that it’s illegal to have any independent thought, and the election results show it. Another thing is that special rights for gays, drugs and free contraceptives are more important than actually doing anything important for society. No need for any careers here; nope, no need to be responsible for anything, either. This is how criminals are made.

The Dems are guilty of compound multi-generational criminality.

Solution: Get rid of all social-engineering programs and require restitution. Considering the damages are infinite, the payout would be infinite: hilarious justice finally.

The progressives spent the last 40 years turning our melting pot into a seething cesspool and now they look out of their ivory towers totally insulated from the destruction they’ve caused.

People voted for themselves first and country last, if at all. This is the ultimate in single issue voting; it won, but America lost. Very myopic.

John Feazel

This story was posted on November 28, 2012.

One Response to Stupid

  1. little drummer boy

    November 29, 2012 at 6:07 pm

    what an interesting letter! “multi-generational criminality” –did you just call my grandmother a criminal because your boy mitt couldn’t get the job done? “overpaid school systems” –yeah, those greedy teachers are ruining everything! “progressives spent the last 40 years creating a cesspool” –does that include the nixon years? or the reagan/bush years? the W years?? what on earth are you talking about? john, i think you are in need of therapy or a time machine to transport you back to 1950. you obviously have a lot of anger issues (racism perhaps?) and also suffer from a very narrow ideological view. it is sad to know that you have so much hate in your heart for so many of your fellow americans. i bet you are miserable to be around…