Dear Editor:

Life is so funny. The brutally honest truth about stuff.

Excess stuff is like a forest of dead trees. Excess stuff is like carrying a boulder around your neck. If it is in the closet or storage, it has no value. When are you going to use it, look at it, or think about it? Have you ever noticed the fragrance of decaying boxes? Have you ever tried to read a moldy book? And with so much stuff, you can’t find what you need, so you buy it.

The Antiques Road Show is a myth. The true value of 99.9 percent of stuff is only a very small fraction of the purchase price. If you are saving it for the kids, the kid’s solution to their parent’s obsessive collection of stuff is a Dumpster in front of the house and the thought, “What were they thinking?” Or the kids haul all the excess stuff home after having a battle with the siblings and the grandchildren’s solution is a Dumpster in front of the house.

Joan Jessen

This story was posted on August 22, 2013.