Study group

Dear Editor:

In last week’s letters, Lyn Dryburgh referenced the School Study Group and its work. I am writing to provide more specific information about the purpose of the group and where we are in accomplishing this mission. I serve as facilitator and coordinator for this group of eight volunteers who responded to a public request for members as well as a prompt for volunteers made by Karl in his SUN editorial column. The idea for a study group came about as a result of the board of education’s desire to involve the community in four areas. These focused areas of study include: projecting the likely number of students the district will serve in the future, assessing the overall condition and infrastructure of the buildings, improving safety and access at each campus and planning the technology infrastructure needed for the future. The group began work in November and has been meeting regularly since.

To date, the group has made a report to the school board on the most likely demographic and population trends in Archuleta County and the number of students likely to attend local schools in the near and distant future. Right now, the group is immersed in completing a comprehensive assessment of the physical condition of the buildings and systems within the buildings. We are also actively working on the current problem with dropping off and picking up children at the elementary school. In the future, the group will address other safety and access issues at the remaining campuses and will begin assessing and envisioning the optimal technology environment for our schools.

It is my pleasure to work with Bruce Dryburgh, Bill Esterbrook, Jan Johnson, Bob Scott, Chris Pitcher, Brett Locke, Lisa Locke and Janell Wood on this project. Each has dedicated many hours and late nights to this work. As a group, we have been helped and supported by the district administration, the board, and leaders and staff in the transportation and maintenance department.

If you have an interest in being involved in any of this work as we move forward, please contact me by e-mail at If you want to become involved in volunteering or helping the local schools in other ways, each school has a school Accountability Committee and there is also an overall District Accountability Committee, and each is always looking for interested community members. You can contact the district office at 264-2228 to learn about these committees.

Bob Lynch

This story was posted on March 28, 2013.