Stepping down

Dear Editor:

Why is it when someone tries to do good or take up a cause they believe in, certain individuals feel the need to stifle the success or cast suspicion of motive?

I am on the board of directors for the Veterans for Veterans organization, a position I didn’t seek, but was volunteered for. This organization does a lot for our local Veterans and continues to expand on education, help/assistance and services for Veterans not just here in Archuleta County but in all of the Four Corners area.

One of the assignments that I took on as a board member was getting medical services here locally through our hospital for our Veterans. We are beginning to experience some success in this endeavor, which is why people who for one reason or another have a vendetta against me have started rumors to diminish the success that the organization I am affiliated with has had.

The rumor which I have recently heard from several people is, the only reason that I am involved is because I am going to run for County Commissioner again. How absurd. First, the election that I could run in, even if I were inclined, is about 2½ years away. Second, if whoever started the rumor had asked myself, friends, or others who are in the know, they would know there is no way I would ever run again.

Since the Veterans for Veterans and another organization whose board I sit on (Veterans Memorial Park) needs the support of our local government and community, it is in the best interest for me to step down from both boards. I will continue to support these groups, however not in a public or leadership role, as I truly believe in their mission and the goals they are trying to achieve. It is sad when wanting to help the community better themselves or give someone a hand up, is a bad thing.

Mike Hayward

This story was posted on March 27, 2014.