Stay tuned

Dear Editor:

I have to take exception to the editor’s editorial attack on our county commissioners (and many hundreds of like-minded Archuleta County citizens). Our inalienable rights, guaranteed by the Constitution, have been under attack for decades, and anyone who denies this is not awake, or is one of the witting supporters of the loss of these rights. Archuleta County is far from the first county to make a similar gun resolution stand on liberty. There are five other counties in Colorado alone, not to mention dozens of other state counties, boroughs, and even states themselves, who are passing resolutions to “create awareness” of serious unconstitutional issues in a way that is actually working. The “Gun Rights Resolution” was a public declaration that the People are waking up and are determined to wake up our government leaders.

Why stop at just the 2nd Amendment in making a constitutional stand? We aren’t.  We, the People (those who created government positions and pay them to do their constitutional jobs …), “technically,” and legally, should not have to say one word about what is already well established in the Constitution and of published legal record. The problem is, few of those in government, or elsewhere, know or remember what those hired duties are or what the rights and liberties they are to protect are, and few are obeying their “oath of office,” which the editor seems to believe is the simple established working solution already in place. It is not.

It was the “advocates” (read, the People of Archuleta County) that have been hammering home that fact. Government is bound by the chains of the Constitution to 18 enumerated powers, period! Does anyone really believe that is what we have today? Do they not see the gross encroachment of the federal government over state’s rights and the People’s rights? If the federal government can trump “unconstitutional” infractions by states, then, of course, states can obviously trump federal encroachment in unconstitutional law-making or actions, which this is all about.

The Gun Rights Resolution may not have the “force and effect” of new law, however, it is a reminder to all of what the Constitution already says, and to not be committing treason by warring against the Constitution and the People.

The People aren’t here to do the commissioner’s job, or micro-manage their offices. Most people don’t need to be at “every” meeting, but we are there to make sure they do what the People want, and to support them in that endeavor.

If the loss of liberties, and the ongoing unconstitutional laws being passed, haven’t been enough to get people’s attention to the serious threats to our constitutional liberties, and it takes an alleged “Fluff without Muscle” gun resolution to stir the pot, and focus attention on things many in positions of “service” (and not authority over the People), would rather we not look at … you know, the “man behind the curtain …,” then I’d say it is far from “Fluff” and having “No Muscle.” Stay tuned!

Jeff Maehr

This story was posted on May 9, 2013.