Standing Rock

Dear Editor:

Kelcy Warren, the person behind the North Dakota Access Pipeline, has purchased the BootJack Ranch outside of Pagosa Springs for $46 million. He is the person responsible for sending his own private army, along with Jack Dalrymple (governor of North Dakota) to protect their financial interest in the pipeline. The Standing Rock issue is not just about violating human rights and breaking treaties, it is about all of us, and the generations to come.

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This story was posted on December 1, 2016.

One Response to Standing Rock

  1. Rick

    December 1, 2016 at 6:55 pm

    He will fit right in with all the white folks at Pagosa Springs, after all thats why he bought, isnt it? All that oil being shipped to China, and Not a single American will benefit, Gas will still be high here, while oil prices still depressed because of the world oil glut. profits go to the few while the many get left holding the bag, an empty bag that is. People such as Kelcy sold his job on American energy independence from OPEC, so he could get his pipeline passed. Good old bait and switch comes along when all that oil goes some where else. Its total Bullshit and Kelcy knows that. He cant hide in the Colorado Mountains. God and every spirit in between watchs him like a hawk so when he drops dead from over consumption hells waste treatment team will be able to scoop his dead carcus up before he stinks up the place any more then he already has. Their will be no fight for his soul cause that was pawned off long ago and like most pawn shops he didnt get much for it anyways. damaged goods.
    Ricardo Cisneros here from SF CA.