Dear Editor:

“We” are special. By “we,” I mean this community of ours. So much kindness surrounds us — young folks aware of their surroundings, looking to see a need. Many times, as one of our elderly, I see a young person wait to hold a door open for me as I approach — so respectful. Kindness from all ages was evident at the 9Health Fair last weekend. Many of our elderly population worked as volunteers to provide this service to all. While some needed walking canes to get around, they were there to manage the traffic flow and keep things moving nicely. And then all of those thank you’s from young folks who were participants. Such a coming together of pure kindness. This stuff goes on in this community on a daily basis; it is a habit we have here in Pagosa Country — everyone doing what they can to make things better for someone else. Small things matter.

Yes, “we” are special and let’s give ourselves a big pat on the back.

Patty Tillerson

This story was posted on April 11, 2013.