Solid work ethic

Dear Editor:

Richard Valdez (aka Richie) is running for the Republican nomination for Sheriff of Archuleta County, in the primary election Tuesday, June 24. I believe that Rich’s impressive resume will ensure a positive outcome.

Rich began his law enforcement career with the Pagosa Springs Police Department. During that time I saw firsthand exemplary traits dealing with law enforcement and the general public.

In this short time, fourteen years, Rich has demonstrated success utilizing his many positive traits … ambition, integrity, stability and a solid work ethic.

His pursuit and commitment to furthering his educational background throughout these years reinforces his qualifications to serve as sheriff and should be lauded. His tenure as undersheriff has been very positive, thus indicating that he is capable of administering the sheriff’s office and duties.

Please join me in voting for Richard Valdez for Sheriff of Archuleta County.

Ross Aragon

This story was posted on June 12, 2014.