Dear Editor:

PAWSD employees are getting a lot of criticism in the paper, ads and flyers. Did you know last summer the Snowball Water Treatment Plant had to be shutdown several times due to ash in the West Fork River? Snowball Water Plant supplies water to the town.

Few people knew the plant was shut down because the PAWSD crews were working 24 hours a day to deliver safe drinking water to their customers. They provided uninterrupted service for all the customer’s served by the Snowball plant by diverting water from the two operational plants in the lakes region through a less-than-adequate pipeline system. The fact that no one was affected by the shutdown is a testament to their dedication and commitment to providing the best customer service possible to their customers.

PAWSD employees deserve respect not attacks like “they are making voting hard.”

P T Condon

This story was posted on May 1, 2014.