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Dear Editor:

Sunday morning, I went outside to walk my dog, hang up the wash and work in the garden. I was not  able to do any of these because of heavy volume smoke.

I realize that the USFS is letting the Windy Pass fire burn, to eliminate the dead trees from beetle kill and “improve the health of the forest.”

However, isn’t health of the people and the economy more important at times? Folks with respiratory problems, children and the elderly are having a hard time dealing with this.

Everyone knows our economy in this area is based on tourism. If I was coming into town today, I would cancel my reservation, not consider staying even one night! Motels, timeshares and campgrounds will suffer as well as all other tourism activities.

I know the forest is important, but maybe human beings might come first? Especially concerning health issues, when it is a government decision to continue not to calm the fire and cause all these problems. Help!

Joan Slavinski

This story was posted on June 20, 2013.
  • Jim


  • Kemo Sabee

    ME ME ME ME.

  • offended

    There are so many things wrong with this letter it makes me ill.

    It doesn’t even deserve a response. Move to South Fork.

  • Inez


  • tom

    If the fire keeps people like this from coming back to Pagosa than job well done!!! Welcome to the ignorant me generation.