Dear Editor:

I have been struck with amazement by the SUN article of Aug. 29 regarding Upper San Juan Health Service District (USJHSD) Board of Directors approving a business plan to bring two part-time orthopedic surgeons to Pagosa Springs Medical Center. The plan calls for budgeting $400,000 per year for two part-time doctors. Let’s see, for 1,000 hours of work (half the standard 2,000 hour full work year) $200,000 comes out to a handsome $400 per hour per doctor. Not bad for somebody easing into retirement while building a million dollar second home here in our fair city. In fact, it’s only 20 times as much as the average worker here in town who makes $20 per hour. Oh, and yeah, the article states that the $400,000 does not include planned benefits. Obviously part-time doctors should get pricey benefits even though all of us normal part-time workers do not.

Both of these individuals have over 25 years experience which, given the long training cycle for such specialists, makes them easily over 60 years old. That’s funny, since we all know that none of us can function mentally after 50 and that’s why we rightfully get laid off permanently at that age.

What’s that smell?

Tom Dorgan

This story was posted on September 26, 2013.