Smart meters

Dear Editor:

Apparently your paper missed the attendance of a packed house at the recent Pagosa Springs town board meeting regarding the LPEA deployment of Smart Meters in the area. Obviously, it lies to your responsibility to provide unbiased and useful … certainly health and privacy impinging … information to your readers … all of which have been neglected here.

Wireless/cell phone communicating Smart Meters emit radio frequency radiation continuously 24/7 … classified by the World Health Organization for some time as known 2B carcinogens … in risk categories equal to PCBs, lead, arsenic and the HIV virus. Before calmly accepting this impact to your pets and children … attached to the walls they live in … they may want to be informed of this fact …and others.

Deployment of these meters has triggered an avalanche of class action and personal injury litigations … many ending in moratoriums or bans elsewhere … until their safety is clearly established … and obviously, needing to be established by someone besides the foxes guarding the hen house.

Every five years, the world’s only independent council of professional physicians and researchers with no ties to industry publishes a review of all the professional medical research studies regarding the known health/morbidity effects of RF. This is available at

The 1,800 studies in the last five-year report bring the arsenal to about 9,000 … clearly indicating a mandate of steep caution before believing what the snake oil sales people are being paid to sell.

We have a responsibility to our children, pets, economy, medical costs and the world around us to act responsibly. This cannot happen without the accurate, independent information … and that is best begun by competent journalism. Please see to it that this process starts.

Gary Duncan

Editor’s note: Please see the article story, “Council hears from smart meter opponents” on the front page of the July 10 Pagosa Springs SUN.

This story was posted on July 17, 2014.