Dear Editor:

Post-sunrise hours every July 4, eager locals and out-of-towners plop camp chairs on the sidewalk in front of the house. Few are polite; most, in their pugilistic mien, stop short of pushing the duenna of the house out of their way in the inevitable and tiresome stance that the sidewalk is not hers.

It was curious, therefore, to read one of the responses in the Whaddya Think? section of the Sept. 20 Pagosa Springs SUN regarding a hypothetical tug-of-war over a mundane sidewalk between Alpha Drive and Wal-Mart. Before the cockamamie decision was made to let business enthusiasts loose on the 200 block of Pagosa Street, it was a culturally deficient but relatively placid neighborhood. Because the variegated concrete in front of each house was better suited to jolty tricycle rides, children were often seen bumptiously sporting a Band-Aid or six, and boy howdy, the scene was menacing but logistically ideal.

The property owners on what was nostalgically known as the 200 block of Main Street were made monetarily responsible for the existing sidewalk. If, July 4, 2013, the duenna needs help placing her Italian leather divans on the stretch of sidewalk she paid for, she can count on me.

Arlene Marcus

This story was posted on September 26, 2012.