Dear Editor:

I love springtime. Besides, the subterranean earth dwellers desperately need to surface from their bewilderments and seek “true light” anyway.

Alas, a whimper emerges from the deep Masada-like cisterns of Arboles; a whispering “troglodyte” articulates. The “Trog” says he watches TV in his solitude: but I wonder if he ever hears the pacifist preachers say anything that’s meaningful?

So, I must ask the cavern dweller, have you ever heard these TV pastors mention even one time the current effort underway in Washington D.C., to outlaw semi-automatic rifles? How many? One? Two? How many? I dare say that the vast majority of preachers across America have not said one word about it from the pulpits. Not one word!

When the epitaph is written on the tombstone of America, it will read, “Here lies the United States of America: killed by the apathy and indifference of its pastors and churches.”

Think about it: what did the pastors and churches do in 1962 and 1963 when prayer and Bible reading were expelled from America’s public schools? The vast majority did nothing. What did the pastors and churches do in 1973 when abortion-on-demand was legalized in this country? The vast majority did nothing. What did the pastors and churches do in 2001 and forward when the federal government began turning America into a giant police state? The vast majority did, and continues to do — nothing.

Now here we are in 2013, and the primary attack against the liberties of the American people is the banning and confiscation of our primary defense weapon: the semi-automatic rifle. And what are the pastors and churches doing? The vast majority is doing nothing. They are like Sergeant Schultz of the old Hogan’s Heroes TV sitcom: I hear nothing! I see nothing! Sounds like “troglodyte” (Bob Dungan) philosophy.

If every pastor who, in his heart, believes in the right to keep and bear arms would publically from the pulpit denounce Obama and Diane Feinstein’s attempted gun ban plan, it is almost certain that the politicians at both the State and federal levels would hear the message loud and clear. With apologies to Edmund Burke, the only way evil can triumph is when Christian people — especially pastors — do nothing.

Instead of being courageous prophets, as God’s men are commissioned to be, so many of them — especially the nationally renowned ones — are busy providing cover for the would-be tyrants in Washington, D.C. Case in point: during a pre-inauguration service for Obama, nationally-renowned pastor Andy Stanley (son of the famous Charles Stanley) delivered a 12-minute address. During his sermon he called Obama “America’s Pastor-in-Chief.” Now this dude needs ta crawl into a bottomless Arboles sinkhole.

Barack Obama is the man who is in the process of attempting to take away the American people’s right to keep and bear arms and make us slaves of the state. And still, Andy Stanley has the audacity to call Obummer “America’s Pastor-in-Chief.” Ya have ta excuse me, I ‘m getting sick.

Jim Sawicki

This story was posted on May 2, 2013.