‘Shot in the dark’

Dear Editor:

I’m forwarding this letter because the person I want to address has not been identified and I hope he reads it and further considers something he did a few days ago. This letter is not intended to stir emotions of other readers and cause heated debate, but it would be nice if the person I now address think more about the significant consequences of an unwise decision.

On the Monday morning before Christmas, I found my neighbor’s pet cat (Luke) dead by the garage in our backyard. Someone shot it with an arrow. It was not a “kid’s” arrow, but one designed to be released from a high poundage, compound bow. The shooter was proficient and the shot was well placed. Melinda and I delivered the death notice to our good friends and experienced the painful tears of loss and suffering with them. As with most of us pet owners, Luke was more than just another animal to our neighbors. He was a friend and loving companion for many years and his untimely death was understandably tragic.

Obviously, I don’t know why the cat was shot. I may never know. The shooter might simply hate cats or Luke may have been bothering him or threatening one of his pets. He may have been bored, had his bow close at hand and wondered if he could make the shot. There is any number of possible reasons he could use to justify the action, but I believe I can safely assume the shot was intentional and this one brief moment of decision to shoot or not resulted in heart wrenching and painful consequences for people I love.

So, fellow bow enthusiast, did you think about the consequences of your actions? I doubt it and I’m disappointed. I hope you didn’t take a hunter education class from me. If you did, I’m sorry I didn’t get the message of ethics and responsibility across well enough for you to embrace. I can easily conclude your decision was one made without much thought, but I pray that you think about it now and avoid similar ones in the future. Unfortunately, for many of us, you can’t take that shot back.

Thanks for publishing this. I know it’s a “shot in the dark,” but maybe it will help.

Don Volger

This story was posted on January 2, 2014.

2 Responses to ‘Shot in the dark’

  1. Ray Reddington

    January 3, 2014 at 5:12 pm

    I hope they find out who did this. They should be executed with the same type of bow and arrow! I volunteer to do the job!

  2. Dan Pickett

    January 4, 2014 at 7:42 pm

    Horrible. Just horrible.