Dear Editor:

I am shocked to read the county commissioners proposing to turn roads that were once oiled back to gravel. All these roads were chip and sealed by 1990 when I left office, that’s 23 years ago. Commissioners have had 23 years to restore blacktop. But, no, they have spent enormous amounts of money in 23 years on projects of low priority, such as raising Snowball Road; any other roads had been solid for many years. Now, they spent a whole lot of money graveling Red Ryder grounds, a venue that is used for two large events, Fourth of July rodeo and Archuleta County Fair.

The streets and roads around Pagosa Lakes are falling apart; take Vista subdivision, which had good roads — one application or two of chip and seals on most roads could have saved them.

We have a stretch of road on County Road 700 which has not had one single pebble of gravel applied to it. I had gravel applied on that road in 1988, that’s 25 years of no gravel. There is an abundant source of gravel on County Road 500 if the county would only crush instead of buying all materials from gravel producers.

Now listen, taxpayers, for the last few years the county is trying to remove weeds on county roads with $150,000 to $200,000 motor grader. Richard Giordian mowed all county roads with a John Deere tractor, not a $200,000 machine. Come down County Road 700 and see what weeds were removed from road. What a joke what our county is doing.

In 1990, when a new commissioner came into the board, changed the way county operations were run. She said from now on county will hire professionals to do the work. On that day it started going downhill. Prior to 1990, county crew built the first ambulance building, built two bridges, paved Vista Boulevard, paved road at Arboles transfer station one mile north of 151. All with a cold mix of black top. County crews also learned and applied chip and seal on roads.

Now, 23 years later, county has gone backwards. Worst management I have seen in my entire life.

Commissioners, drive down County Road 700 and look at weeds mowed with a $200,000 machine.

What a joke, what crews are doing.

Chris L. Chavez

This story was posted on July 25, 2013.