Dear Editor:

Regarding Ms. Bubb’s letter of June 6. The American Heritage Dictionary gives three definitions of shepherd: 1. One who herds, guards and tends sheep. 2. One who cares for and guides a group of people, as a minister or teacher. 3. German shepherd.

Since Ms. Bubb insists on considering only the first definition, it is she who is calling the voters sheep. I don’t know what playbook Ms. Bubb is using, but surely one of the first rules must be: If caught in an indefensible position, merely attack and change the direction of the discussion.

I was asked recently how I would define a republic. I believe a Constitutional Republic is a form of government under which all citizens are subject to the same laws, laws that provide equal rights, protection, opportunity and freedom. Contrast that with a democracy, where there are two classes of citizens: One, the majority, and two, the rest of the citizens; the “rest” are allowed only those rights permitted them by the majority.

I must confess that moving this chat to a first name basis makes me a bit uncomfortable, so Ms. Bubb, meaning no disrespect, I will decline doing so.

I leave you again with a quote to ponder: “Democracy is the road to socialism.” — Karl Marx.

Darrel Cotton

This story was posted on June 13, 2013.