Dear Editor:

The cosmos is thought to have begun with the “Big Bang.” Thus distributing matter (energy), space (most likely four dimensional) and time throughout the universe. So the big question is where did the universe come from … cosmologists now have convincing empirical evidence that prior to the “Big Bang,” there existed an indefinably concentrated mass that is now given the name “Singularity.”

Current thought is that prior to the “Big Bang” the laws of physics did not exist. But the enormous disconnect is the cosmos/universe as we know it today is almost totally ordered. Total chaos instantly converted to order, this should never ever be true except for mankind’s political spasm’s thus adding purposeful to our random sanguine havoc.

So here’s an extension of the same puzzle, are the “Big Bang” and the Christian God’s creation of earth one-and-the-same? If true, does the discovery of life as we know it on Mars and may well do so again on a moon of Jupiter mean that the Christian God had experimental failures? If so, is earth/mankind a failure or end-product? Oddly enough after proving the theory of relativity, Einstein spent the rest of his life trying to disprove this accomplishment as he realized he had just denied the existence of the Christian God. He finally concluded that the proof of God lay in the universe’s order. Compare Einstein’s leap-of-faith to the denial by Islam of American’s landing on Moon … infidel’s in their “Garden.”

Maybe the answer lies in Plato’s riddle of space and dimensions. Plato speculated that if humans were chained in a cave and all they could ever see or use as a basis of understanding their world was a fire casting shadows of captors on the walls. What would these captives come up with for their two-dimensional world: good/bad, right/wrong, us against them, fight or flight, power of illusion and fables thus an unprovable religion based on flickering shadows? The list goes on but begs the question does the number of dimensions one can perceive; i.e., man’s typical social limit of two dimensions restrict the development of civility and morality … so to continue the duality … since life’s been discovered on other planets … presume we aren’t a failed attempt by God, then evil must be God given, otherwise why heaven?

As we inexorably advance into a world where technology and population growth exceeds the ability to create jobs; global “free” competition rewards only short-term strategy/tactics; natural resources dwindle and economic motivators disappear then religion again becomes the answer to all living questions. So if my religion is “true” versus yours what does that mean about your life or hopes?

Could one conclude all the above drivers are causing mankind’s global retreat into more primitive periods of social/communal cohesion or maybe it’s just part of the universe’s order?

If the latter’s true, then our political/religious ascriptions, bumper stickers, “toys” or number of guns in the closet are meaningless, we’ve entered a self-fulfilling end game.

Dave Blake

This story was posted on July 24, 2014.