See the light

Dear Editor:

A political pundit recently labeled President Obama a “Deadbeat President.” This seems to be a very fitting description of the man.

Bombs are going off, planes are being shot down, a U.S. citizen is languishing in a Mexican jail, five Islamic terrorists are set free in exchange for a deserter, illegal immigrants are streaming across our borders, the Russian president invades a sovereign nation with impunity, etc., etc., and what does the Deadbeat do?

He plays golf and scurries from one Democrat fund raiser to another, oblivious to the growing calamities around him, much of which he is responsible for, and for which he hopefully will one day be held accountable.

One might think that if Obama is too busy to attend to such insignificant matters as border security and foreign affairs, he would at least have a Secretary of State who knows what he is doing and could fill some of the void created by Obama.

However, John Kerry appears to have one over-riding ambition above all else. That is, protecting the interests of the Palestinians regardless of the risks he creates for our friends and allies in Israel. In every instance, when disputes arise between the Israelis and the Palestinians, Kerry has sided with the Palestinians. Kerry has attempted to force the Israelis into making concession after concession, and he has funneled millions of U.S. aid money to the Palestinians, even after the Palestinian Authority welcomed the terrorist organization Hamas into their government. Even now, Kerry is attempting to force Prime Minister Netanyahu to accept a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, despite Hamas firing thousands of rockets into Israel. Kerry has also succeeded in persuading the U.N. (which is largely anti-Semitic) to follow his lead, exhorting the Israelis to restrain themselves from retaliation against Hamas. In reality, considering that Hamas has fired over 2,000 rockets into Israel, the U.S. should provide Netanyahu with everything he needs to eradicate these Hamas rats in their tunnels. As Charles Krauthammer said recently, Hamas is “the most morally depraved combatant in the world.”

Why is it that Obama and Kerry can’t recognize that a terrorist organization which uses its own women and children as shields does not deserve our patronage? Maybe when Hamas and/or their Iranian benefactors start sending their terrorists into the U.S. in earnest (and we know some are already here) Obama and Kerry will see the light.

Maybe, but as for Obama, there is little doubt that playing golf and attending fundraisings is more fun and therefore more important.

Gary Stansbury

This story was posted on July 31, 2014.