Dear Editor:

Mr. Jim Huffman suggests an armed guard in our schools. Others suggest arming the teachers. I suggest that about three teachers from each school should be selected (volunteers hopefully) for combat weapons training by certified law enforcement officers.

I was disappointed that Mr. Huffman did not address the issue of the cost for his proposal. My worse nightmare is three million teachers armed with Colt 45s intermingled with fifty million students. I was dismayed when I saw a bozo with a plastic gun instructing a multitude of teachers sitting on their behinds in a classroom. A long time ago I spent months getting kicked half to death by a M1 Garand; since that time, I have spent endless days on the firing line. (Left my hearing there.) Combat weapons training is a serious, time consuming, physically demanding business, certainly not for everyone.

I do agree with Mr. Huffman that the issue should be decided by the locals who have a direct interest in school safety. Perhaps the town nincompoops can issue three or four petitions on the matter.

I hate to tell the school board the truth, but the Pagosa schools are not secure. To secure a site requires at a minimum a fenced enclosure and control of whom and what enters and leaves the site, roughly the same as an airport security station.

Bob Dungan


This story was posted on January 17, 2013.