Season passes at Thingamajig Theatre Company

By Laura Moore
Special to The PREVIEW

Season passes for Thingamajig Theatre Company’s highly anticipated 2013 summer season  are selling like hot cakes, no doubt due to some wonderful titles and two Colorado premieres. This summer season, Thingamajig Theatre Company features two big Broadway musicals — Monty Python’s “Spamalot” (Colorado premiere) and “The Full Monty” —  along with the Tony-nominated play “Good People” (also a premiere). Passes start at $64 for the season and include many special perks for pass holders.

“People in the industry are calling our summer season the best in Colorado,” remarks Tim Moore, Thingamajig artistic director. “That kind of praise comes with lots of attention, not just on a local level, but regional too. I know several of the Denver companies as well as some in neighboring states are coming in to see how we’re putting these shows up — since they’ve never been done outside Broadway and the national tour in this region. It’s a lot of responsibility, but we’re excited to have this kind of spotlight on Pagosa and Thingamajig Theatre Company.”

Great shows attract great talent. Moore spent a month auditioning people locally and at national auditions across the country.

“If you’re committed to big shows like this, you want the best people all around you,” says Moore, “on stage, behind the scenes, designing sets, lights and of course you need a director with great vision.”

To that end Moore has assembled a dream team of talent for this summer. Director Pat Payne (Channel 4 CBS’s Top 5 directors in Denver) returns for “Spamalot” and “The Full Monty” and award winning director and theatre producer John Ashton joins the group for “Good People.”

“These two are leaders in the field of theatre. Former Denver Post theater critic John Moore featured them both in his recent series on directing. Audiences will love the pictures they paint on stage. It’s a special treat to see their work,” says Moore.  In addition, the props and costumes from the original London production of “Spamalot” have been secured.

“It’s pretty amazing to look inside one of the many King Arthur costumes and see the name ‘Tim Curry’ sewn inside,” says Moore. “If you Google a picture from the London show, you’re seeing the costumes and props on our stage this summer that are pictured in their show.”

Grabbing such items is exclusive and expensive. “The value of these items exceeds $250,000,” says Moore. “We had to secure a special certificate of insurance before taking possession and truck them from Maine at a tremendous rental cost to the company. But it’s Spamalot. You either do it right — big, glitzy, bright and outlandish — or fall short of people’s expectations. And Python fans have expectations!”

The excitement doesn’t end with direction; actors from across the country including Chicago, New York, Miami, L.A. and Denver represent a dynamic and electric cast this summer.

“We’ve got some great local talent in Pagosa and the surrounding area and I’m really excited to feature some of them alongside professional performers from across the country,” says Moore. “As always, we try to offer the best product at the most affordable prices. This summer, audiences are getting a real steal. These folks are amazing. I’m so proud Thingamajig is able to up the ante each passing year, in large part to our outstanding local supporters, donors and sponsors.”

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to enjoy the hottest shows in the state. Season passes are on sale now through June 14. For ticketing and show information, visit or call 731-SHOW.

This story was posted on May 23, 2013.