Dear Editor:

I wonder if the left is starting to panic? Seems that millions are losing their health insurance and losing access to their doctors and hospitals. Could it possibly be that the finest medical system in world history is being destroyed, or that people will suffer? Or is the left just terrified that some democrats might lose an election?

No, what terrifies the left more than anything else is that their core mission — strengthening the compulsive power of government to “correctly” organize society — may be set back by the Obamacare debacle.

Republicans see this mess unfolding and figure; surely, the left now understands what a terrible idea it is for government to try to take over healthcare. Wrong! Despite all global evidence, every leftist passionately believes that government-run healthcare is morally superior in every way. Leftists perceive the heretofore-miraculous American healthcare system as disgustingly unjust and vile — because it has been, until now, freedom based. Which they despise.

Leftists think Obama’s terrible mistake was not going all-out socialized medicine from the get-go. In the current obummercare fallout, the left’s only interest is to protect the central creed of socialism: government control.

The only thing driving Obama is his ideology and the merry band of White House criminals. The democrat party today is nothing but hard-left ideologues, and the only way they can be defeated is to first understand their ideology. If you think they’re just a bunch of well intentioned, incompetent democrats, you’ll never beat them.

Every liberal has become practiced at hiding the ideology, masking it rhetorically, rarely tipping his or her hand in public. So if you won’t admit to yourself that democrats are leftists because you don’t ever see it, then they’ve already won, they’ve already defeated you. You have to know what a leftist is; and you have to know that every democrat in Washington is a leftist thug.

There aren’t any degrees of moderation. They’re all left-wing ideologues. We’re up against a radical extremist democrat party led by Obama, with a socialist vision for the country. They proceed on the basis that America is bad, that America’s founding was unjust and immoral, unfair, and therefore illegitimate. This is who they are.

They believe America as founded is racist, that capitalism is inherently unfair, and it’s jist not right that there are rich people and poor people. The left wants to “cure” all that. According to their ideology, the antidotes to America’s great sins are redistribution of wealth and moral relativism. There are no absolutes. There are no cultural guardrails. Leftists are the champions of “anything goes” and punishing the rich. They will never acknowledge that every society that has gone this route has become a hellhole.

Maybe I’d be better off in the troglodyte’s cave in Arboles. I’m certain Bob Dungan would share his vast global warming wealth with this old retired squid and help me out. Why I’d even wager he’d wish me a merry “intelligible” Christmas! Then he’d put me in Stephen Hawking’s “black hole bathtub” and I’d never return; committed to be a “scrambled squibbler” — forever. Have a Merry Hot Tub New Year, Mr. Dungan!

Jim Sawicki

This story was posted on December 19, 2013.