School costs

Dear Editor:

Good teachers deserve to be well paid. All teachers should not get the same pay.

Taxpayers spend about $10,000 per year per student and yet American students rank 16th in the world in math and science, not a good return on our investment.

What is required to “educate” a snapshot of 30 students (total current cost of $300,000)? I would submit the following:

Teacher — $80,000 per year.

A room — $ 20,000 (amortized cost for 1,500 square-foot house).

Utilities — $6,000 (for nine months).

Books and supplies — $6,000.

Administration — $8,000 (one administrator at $80,000 for each 10 classrooms, $8,000 each).

Total direct cost — $120,000 per nine months (with first-class, highly paid teacher).

And yet we spend on average $300,000. Ask your school board where the remaining $180,000 goes.

This is why bond issues fail. The recent comment in The SUN that the roof cost of $700,000 (excessive by any comparison) was the reason for no teacher pay increase is pure demagoguery.

Gil Johnson

Editor’s note: Please see the related article in this week’s SUN.

This story was posted on September 26, 2012.